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sunday morning thoughts

Today’s plan; reading one of Nabokov’s, perhaps in one sitting, and starting a new pilot. Starting doesn’t quite mean starting, I’ve beated the script out with the finest minds and simply need to transpose them scriptwards. We’ll sign off on the structure next week and I’ll go in on the dialogue.

As far as Lolita goes, well, I really should have read it already. Amis, a dear scribbling hero, tried his utmost to get me to this point and it’s time all the same.

On the intersection of the painting/screen writing life there’s little to say and a fuck load to do. I don’t quite know how it’s going to work, but I’ll be attempting it to a heftier degree. I’ve already painted for three hours today and it’s 10:30am. Three hours to each discipline a day seems enough… Interspersed with selected reading and watching. I don’t want these obsessions to be deadline driven, they are of course, but the main impetus can’t be a due date. A steady obsessive stream, process orientated, that sort of thing. The only real thing suffering in this equation is my hedonism. Sadly, there’s no room for hangovers and three day binges. Till last Thursday I hadn’t touched a drink for 2 months, openings and premieres, these will have to do for now, sober for the rest, for now that is.



August 5, 2018 Blog